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From the ground up!

This workshop is open to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the feet and how they are continually working to keep us in balance. The time will be divided into two parts including an introduction on the anatomy of the foot, and their role in movement such as walking, followed by practical ways we experience our feet in Asana. Read more»

Pranayama 101

The fundamental principles of pranayama will be explored and practiced, deepening the student’s understanding of how the movement of breath affects both body and mind. The anatomy of breathing, philosophy of breathing, and specific pranayama techniques will be discussed, including instruction on ujjayi, violma, and bhramari breaths that form the foundation of pranayamaas. Read more»

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Sequencing with David Magone

This teacher’s workshop will help you experience the ways in which strategic postural sequencing can be used to create more effective vinyasa yoga classes. Through a combination of guided discussions and small group exercises, you will learn how to create yoga sequences that will help your students consistently experience light-as-air arm balances, bendier backbends, and deeper hip and hamstring opening practices.  Perfect for current and aspiring teachers alike, this intensive training will enable you to explore deeper levels of your teaching potential while developing the necessary tools to guide yourself and others toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilling practice both on and off the mat.

Since founding PranaVayu Yoga in 2001, David has received a number of accolades in the press with features in Vogue Magazine UK, the Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, Women’s Health and many other publications. In addition to teaching PranaVayu classes, workshops and trainings worldwide, David regularly contributes to the Huffington Post Healthy Living section, and teaches meditation at the Harvard University Buddhist Chaplaincy.

May 17 | 9am-5pm | $180


Fluid Wrists & Shoulders with Kreg Weiss

Join us as we explore fundamental anatomy and alignment principles aimed to bring intelligence to the wrists and shoulders.  Enhance effectiveness in your yoga practice as we examine loading aspects of the wrists and techniques for reducing shoulder impingement.

About Kreg Weiss:
Kreg is a Senior Yoga Teacher, international presenter, kinesiologist and co-creator of Kreg aims to provide students with the tools to pursue a unique, confident practice where asanas, pranayama, and meditation interact collectively to rejuvenate and heal the body and mind.

May 25th | 4:30-7pm |  BY DONATION

Psychology of Yoga with Rolf Sovik

  1. Better understand common psychological and psychosomatic disorders
  2. Learn how to clinically assess students psychological and emotional  imbalances
  3. Learn how to integrate traditional yoga teachings with contemporary psychological and philisophical understanding.
  4. Learn how to integrate buddhist practices and meditation techniques to contemporary approaches to clinical work.
  5. Provide appropriate yoga sequencing, along with breathing and meditation practices to alleviate emotional disturbances.

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