Online Yoga Education


Study with NYTT faculty at home, at your pace.

Naada Yoga Teacher Training brings the highest quality of teachers to Montreal contributing to one of the leading programs in the country.  We realize that it’s not always possible to commit to an on site course and believe that no one should be denied the amazing opportunity to study with North America’s leading teachers. We are therefore proud to offer online versions of selected courses in our NYTT curriculum.  Completion of these online courses will not only deepen your understanding of the topic but will also provide you with CEUs (continuing education units), which can be put towards:

  • Advanced standing in Naada Yoga training programs
  • Fulfilling prerequisite requirements for advanced programs
  • Qualifying for contact hours as a NYTT student
  • Maintaining good standing with the North American Yoga Alliance as a certified yoga teacher

With each course you will receive :

  • Lifetime access to over 15 hrs of video instruction
  • Downloadable .pdfs and illustrations
  • Immediate feedback on comprehension through online assignments
  • Library of practical exercises and journaling opportunities
  • Desktop, iOS and Android compatible formats
  • Certificate of completion from Naada Yoga
  • CEU’s recognized by the North American Yoga Alliance

Current Courses Offered:



Yoga as Therapy with Dr. Baxter Bell

Yoga therapy presents a model for wellness that can be applied to chronic and acute conditions. This course introduces current yoga teachers to the advanced skills required to create holistic treatment plans for one-on-one sessions and special populations. Yoga therapists create individualized treatment plans to address common health issues and individual well-being, recognizing the interconnection of mind, body, emotions and spirit.
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Sound Yoga with Ann Dyer

Yogis across the centuries have harnessed the power of sound to fuel their yoga practice.Traditionally chanting and deep listening held a central role in yogic practice in India. When yoga migrated to the west the physical practice of asana was emphasized and the place of nada anusandhana (yogic sound practice) faded into the background. In recent years, however, there has been a resurgence in yogic chant in studios across the country for its reputation as the simple, quick, easy yogic path.
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Yoga for Women with Mary Paffard

Yoga can be a powerful expression and exploration of the feminine, yin aspect of being. The cyclical nature of women’s lives reminds us to reconnect with the natural world; in honoring our cycles, we tap into a deeper understanding of planetary awareness. Explore unique ways to tailor the practice of Yoga to women’s physiology and the varying stages of a women’s life. Included in this course are active and passive yoga, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda practices. We will reflect on how these ancient practices can be used as a refuge for women today and support us in leading engaged, connected and compassionate lives.
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Pranayama with Richard Rosen

The fundamental principles of Pranayama will be explored and practiced, deepening the student’s understanding of how the movement of breath affects both body and mind. The anatomy of breathing, philosophy of breathing, and specific pranayama techniques will be discussed, including instruction on ujjayi, violma, and bhramari breaths that form the foundation of pranayamaas. Specific techniques of breath, body awareness and how to set up for pranayama practice will also be covered, as well as contraindications and cautions in the practice.
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A Year of Ayurveda with Matthew Remski

Ayurveda offers an ancient language to help you become a poet of your internal experience. Its holistic practices of mindful, sensual awareness offer resilience against the inevitable changes of season, place, work, and identity.
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