Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


Womb Yoga is all about reconnecting with the deep blood wisdom of cycles throughout the whole of a woman’s life, from pre-menarche to post-menopause. It is for all women, with or without wombs, menstruating or not menstruating. This way of yoga is a truly multidimensional approach which enables women to access the inner guidance of their source wisdom so that they may more readily reside in well-being and peace with their experiences as women. It utilizes every dimension of yoga practice to promote optimal health – from Total Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) and meditation, to dance-like flows of deliciously feminine asana (posture) flows, and supportive structural attention to the intimate relationship between posture and pelvic health. This is the first opportunity in the Americas for women of all ages and all levels of yoga experience to enjoy the teachings presented in Uma’s radical book, Yoni Shakti. These workshops are for women only of all ages and levels of yoga experience. Pregnant women and babes in arms are warmly welcome. Health care practitioners with an interest in women’s health are also welcome provided they have a living interest in and practice of yoga.

Cost for entire 4 day training: $595 + tax

Thu 26 Oct (6-9pm): Womb Yoga: A Nurturing and Revitalising Session for Women
Fri 27 Oct (6-9pm): Pregnancy and Birth Masterclass
Sat 28 Oct (9am-5pm): Promoting Menstrual Health & Fertility
Sun 29 Oct (9am-5pm): Creativity, Sexuality and the Cycles of our Lives


Day 1:  Womb Yoga: A Nurturing & Revitalising Session for Women

*October 26th from 6-9pm*
This therapeutic and deliciously feminine approach to yoga, especially for women, integrates rhythmic asana (postures) with breath, sound, mudra (gesture) and bandhas (pelvic floor locks and seals) to enhance awareness of our inner woman’s wisdom and elemental connections. This integrated and harmonious approach to hatha yoga is especially developed to bring comfort and joy to women. It is suited to all women, with or without previous experience of yoga, who would like a feminine, nourishing and fluid practice with elegant movement flows, delicious breath work, resonant sound, and deep healing relaxation.Cost: $100
* This course can also be attended as part of our Yoga for Women Module Therapy Teacher Training.*


Day 2:  Pregnancy and Birth


*October 27th from 6-9pm*
This course will be led by Uma as a demonstration of how to teach safe, nurturing yoga practices for pregnancy and birth. It will include a range of therapeutic responses that are helpful to support vitality and well-being including breath (pranayama); rhythmic and restorative yoga postures (asana), supportive sequences of integrated yoga postures that are helpful during late pregnancy and labour); nada yoga (sound); gestures (mudra), and heart-based meditations (yoga nidra). Common pregnancy and labour challenges and opportunities will be explored. There will be restorative yoga and fluid nourishing sequences of movement and breath to optimise prana for birth, and how to clear energy blocks and promote a connection with the inner teacher.  Individual questions and experiences can be shared with the group – the masterclass is open to responsive, intuitive attunements and adjustments to meet the specific needs of those attending.
Cost: $100
* This course can also be attended as part of our Yoga for Women Module Therapy Teacher Training.*


Day 3: Promoting Menstrual Health & Fertility

*October 28th from 9am-5pm*
Menstruation is the foundation of optimum fertility, and this workshop will be of interest to all menstruating women, also to those women seeking to optimize their fertility and effective contraceptive methods, and to those women who have ceased menstruating but may be interested to understand how menstrual health can be supported through yoga practice. Women will experience how yoga can ease menstrual symptoms, support an intimate recognition and acceptance of their menstrual rhythms and provide an understanding of natural fertility. There will be restorative yoga, and fluid nourishing sequences of movement and breath to optimize prana (energy) for menstrual and reproductive health.Cost: $225
* This course can also be attended as part of our Yoga for Women Module Therapy Teacher Training.*



Day 4:  Creativity, Sexuality and the Cycles of our Lives


*October 29th from 9am-5pm*
What is the relationship between creativity, sexuality and the cycles of our lives? How does energy move, as creative and sexual expression, and how does she get blocked? This experiential workshop is to provide practical experience of yoga that promotes healthy creative and sexual energies. There will be an introduction to the Great Wisdom Goddesses Kamalatmika (the lotus goddess of delight) and Matangi (the wild creative poet). An overview of common creative and sexual challenges and opportunities will be discussed in relation to appropriate yogic responses to support the expression of women’s creativity and sexuality.
Cost: $225
* This course can also be attended as part of our Yoga for Women Module Therapy Teacher Training.*


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