Studio Etiquette

To preserve the sanctuary of our yoga school, we have a few simple requests while you are practicing with us:

1. Punctuality
Classes begin promptly and are subject to room capacity. It is respectful to your teacher and your fellow students to show up on time. Latecomers will not be accomodated.

2. Phones
Please turn off your cell phones while at the studio. Even phones on vibrate can be heard clearly in the studio.

Please avoid speaking in the studios. Be mindful that others may be meditating in the studio before or after class.Please keep your voices low in the change room area as classes may be in session.

Please neatly put away your props the way you found them. Treat the studio with the same care you would your yoga practice.

There is a direct correlation between your energy and your neighbour’s class experience. Please remember to move quietly as a way to respect those around you at all times.

After every class, teachers are available in the tea lounge to answer any questions you may have. Please reserve your questions for after class. Enjoy a cup of tea and catch up with your fellow students.