Samastithi / Tadasana



  1. Corrects back posture by straightening the spine.
  2. Improves the alignment of your body.
  3. Tones the buttock muscles.
  4. Strengthens the knee joints.
  5. Revitalizes the feet and supports flat feet.
  6. Reduces sciatic pain.
  7. Tones and lifts the pelvis and abdomen.

Primary Principles:

  1. Foundation: Firmly press your feet onto the floor. Tighten your kneecaps and quadriceps and pull them up. Extend your arms along the sides of your body and pull the heads of the shoulders slightly back.
  2. Primary Movement: Push the feet firmly down in order for the spine to lengthen upwards.
  3. Breath: Inhalation to pull the shoulders back, lift the chest and engage in the fronts of the legs. Exhalation to firm the feet, lengthen the tailbone and engage the pelvis and buttocks.

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