Ayurveda Training

Naada Yoga Teacher Training is pleased to offer this comprehenive training in Ayurveda with visiting teacher Matthew Remski. During this four day intensive students will:

  • Develop a solid understanding of purpose, breadth and scope of an ayurvedic lifestyle.
  • Basic overview of ayurveda tradition: texts, teachers, modern influences.
  • Learn ayurvedic principles of the gunas, doshas, agni, prana.
  • Learn over a dozen techniques (food combining, self massage, sensory cleansing, nasal irri gation, digestive herbs, waste anaylisis ect)
  • Develop a personal practice to experience the practical application of simple ayurvedic prin ciples.
  • Learn how to clinically assess the individual from an ayurvedic perspective
  • Provide appropriate ayurevdic practices to alleviate disturbances.

Matthew Remski holds a YA certification with Darren John Main in 2002, Yoga Therapy certification in 2004 from Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda under the directorship of Sarasvati Buhrman. He has studied structural alignment and Marma Point therapy with Shar Lee, Yoga Therapy for Asthma and Diabetes with Dr. Sarita Shresta of Nepal, Yoga Therapy for Cancer Patients with Jnani Chapman of Commonweal, Yoga for Problems of Aging with Nischala Devi of the Dr. Ornish programme, and Applied Yogic Psychology with Maitreyi’i Nolan, Ph.D. Graduated from American Institute of Vedic Studies (David Frawley, Director) in both Ayurvedic Health Education and Advanced Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Practitioner categories (800 hours combined). He was the co-director of Yoga Community Canada and Co-founder of Yoga Festival Toronto. His revisionist translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Threads of Yoga: a Remix of Patanjali’s sutras with commentary and reverie, has been gathering international acclaim.

Dates:  MAY 4, 5, 6, 7 2017
Instructor: Matthew Remski
Tuition: $495


  • Access to full weekend workshop : Thursday – Sunday
  • All additional resources or readings.

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This course is part of Naada Yoga’s ongoing teacher training program. To apply for any of the full Naada Yoga Teacher Training programs please apply here: