Assisting 101


This course will teach the principles of providing directive and effective adjustments in poses. Students will develop the skills of how to give clear and direct cues, and how to provide safe hands-on adjusting. The intent is to deepen each person’s understanding of yoga asana, principles of alignment and body movement, and understand how the breath provides information on how and when to adjust in a pose. Principles of both verbal and non-verbal cues, as well as how students receive instruction (visually, tactically, aurally) will also be explored. We will practice teaching each other, assisting in-class and teaching in-community. Variations on poses to address individual needs and circumstances, ethics of teaching, and how to deal with challenging in-class and post-class situations will also be discussed.


To provide students with an understanding of how individuals learn (visually, tactically, aurally) and how to provide instruction at various levels.
To encourage each student to explore not only how they themselves not process information, but how they learn most effectively, and how to translate that into teaching.
How to provide safe, effective instructions for moving into, within and out of poses.
How to assist a teacher in-class, and how to begin directing students through touch, voice and demonstration of poses.
How to meet students where they are in their understanding and teach from there.


Naada Yoga Assisting 101 Manual, Teaching Yoga: Donna Farhi


An understanding of yoga asana, a consistent yoga practice (min. 4 days/week), attending regular classes at Naada Yoga and/or another institution. Practicing teaching and assisting skills with other NYTT trainees. Reading all required assignments. Keeping a practice journal and in-class notes, and discussing practice-related questions.

Dates: APRIL 26, 27, 28, 29 2018

Instructor:  Elizabeth Emberly

Tuition: $595

  • Access to full weekend workshop : Thursday – Sunday
  • All additional resources or readings.

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This course is part of Naada Yoga’s ongoing teacher training program. To apply for any of the full Naada Yoga Teacher Training programs please apply here: