Asana 103


This course assumes a good understanding of yoga asana and/or completion of NYTT’s Asana 102 Module. It is intended to take individuals deeper into an exploration of the inner and outer form of the poses. How to instruct clearly, including a knowledge of variations and adjustments in poses, will also be covered more in-depth. We will begin exploring the principles of sequencing poses, as well as how to move through a vinyasa-type practice in a safe manner. Naada Yoga’s specific sequence will also be explored, as well as how this can be integrated with sound to create a clear and stable focus of breath, body, sensation and movement.


To encourage each student to explore their personal experience of the yoga asanas to better understand how to teach from this living experience.
To use the basics principles from Asana 101 and 102 to begin to give guided instruction and create short practice sequences.
To begin more actively observing and assisting senior teachers within an actual classroom setting.
To begin teaching community-oriented classes either at Montreal’s Head and Hands facility for the Young Parents Program or at another organization of one’s choice.


Naada Yoga Asana 103 Manual and review of Asana 101 and 102 Manuals, article hand-outs, selections from “Yoga Anatomy” (Leslie Kaminoff).


Basic understanding of yoga asana, a consistent yoga practice (min. 4 days/week), attending regular classes at Naada Yoga and/or another institution. Reading all required assignments. Keeping a practice journal and in-class notes, and discussing practice-related questions.

Dates: MARCH 22, 23, 24, 25 2018

Instructor:  Kreg Weiss
Tuition: $595

  • Access to full weekend workshop : Thursday – Sunday
  • All additional resources or readings.

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This course is part of Naada Yoga’s ongoing teacher training program. To apply for any of the full Naada Yoga Teacher Training programs please apply here: