Advanced Anatomy

This course will provide an introduction to advanced anatomical and physiological principles essential for yoga therapy training and teaching. We will review our understanding of the anatomical functioning of the body and the biomechanics of movement.  We will deepen our understanding of human anatomy and physiology including all major systems of the body.  We will also explore the body’s “energetic” anatomy and the subtle body as it pertains to yoga therapy for special populations and chronic conditions.

Review Topics Include:

(Thursday and Friday night 6-9pm)

  • Osteology and Myology
  • Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy within yoga asana
  • Energetic anatomy and the subtle body including pranavayu’s, kosha’s, chakra’s and nadi’s
  • Respiratory system, diaphragms and pranayama techniques
  • Posture and gait analysis
New Topics Include:

(Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm)

  • Major body systems: including: circulatory, nervous, immune, digestive and endocrine systems and chronic conditions associated with each system
  • Western models of human development, health and disease
  • Men’s versus woman’s health
  • Functional anatomy from a facial/connective tissue model
  • Pathology of common illnesses from the perspective of Modern Medicine, Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Guidelines and techniques on how to work with common illnesses: symptoms, illness trajectories, tools, diet, lifestyle management, contra-indications, knowledge of healthcare information & terminology, etc.
  • Assessment techniques and creation of treatment plans.
  • Corrective therapeutic techniques on postural imbalances and selected conditions.
  • Strategies for working in the healthcare system as a yoga therapist

Upon completion of this module you should be able to:
Deepen your understanding of anatomy and physiology within the context of yoga therapy.
View the body as a holistic system and recognize symptoms of imbalance.
Properly assess and address chronic conditions and special populations from the perspective of yoga therapy.
Strategize and create treatment plans from a holistic perspective that includes a variety of yoga therapy techniques.
Understand energetic anatomy and the subtle body within the context of yoga therapy.

Instructor: Dr. Baxter Bell
Tuition: $495

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  • Access to full weekend workshop : Thursday – Sunday
  • All additional resources or readings.

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