Online School


Our ever expanding library of videos and resources are freely available for all students of yoga to explore and deepen their knowledge on any yoga related subject. Our aim is to support our community of inquisitive yoga practitioners with teachings that are flexible and convenient.

In addition Naada Yoga’s new e-learning courses offer extensive support for all students enrolled in an NYTT course or full program.   By completing the e-learning course in conjunction with your in-studio time, you are free to learn at your own pace and revisit information discussed in class as you need it.  Contact points outside of the studio provide you with an opportunity to get instant feedback on how you are digesting the support material and ensures that you have a solid foundation as you graduate through Naada Yoga’s educational programs.

What’s involved?

Each e-learning course is comprised of several chapters with support material including video, articles, and image libraries. You will find short knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter to ensure that you are comfortable with the material before progressing.  Once you have successfully completed the practice exam at the end of the course a link will appear to create a certificate of completion. All certificates in a NYTT program must be achieved before graduation. Throughout your entire progress a course leader will be able to monitor your progress and offer feedback as you require it.

These e-learning courses provide an excellent pre-study opportunity to familiarize yourself with the subject before the in-studio weekend intensive allowing you to get the most out of your contact hours.  Each e-learning course also becomes your personal notebook as the handouts and video of the entire weekend intensive are posted to the course for reference afterwards.

Online School Yoga Resources