Naada Yoga

The Founders

The Founders

Naada Yoga was founded by husband and wife Jason Sharp and Elizabeth Emberly. Through a combination of their respective careers as a dancer and musician, coupled with a passion for creativity and community collaboration, Naada Yoga was born. Now a thriving community of diverse individuals practicing various streams of yoga from both historical and modern perspectives, Naada Yoga continues to be a center inspired by yoga’s exceedingly relevant lessons for all aspects of modern life.

At Naada Yoga we encourage your growth as an individual. Our education is based on the needs of each student and our teachers offer a variety of techniques that reintegrate the body and mind.”

Classes range from the calming practice of restorative yoga, to classes on the Yoga Wall that deepen progress in a safe and secure way, to vinyasa classes that energize and strengthen. All classes are accompanied by a soundscape specifically designed to establish your focus enabling you to get the most out of your practice with us. Donation based classes in meditation and sound yoga are offered to provide accessible education on the more subtle practices of Yoga. Our signature two hour Naada Live class is the apex of all these practices, combining breath and sound work with an invigorating vinyasa class supported by the energy of live music.

Now a leading center for yoga education in Canada, the Naada Yoga Teacher Training program unites an internationally recognized faculty in a unique concept of open learning and education. The school offers a modular training that is open to all dedicated students of yoga. Our dedicated teachers have worked closely together to develop a program that empowers you to see yoga as a living and evolving practice so that all of yoga’s multi-faceted aspects can better serve you and your community. A free public lecture series supported by our donation based classes continues to make these teachings accessible to all people interested in Yoga.

Discover the practical and inspiring teachings of Naada Yoga and find the motivation to discover more about yourself.