Mile End Mission

mile-endMile End Community Mission is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization and community center working with members of the community who have been marginalized by society for a variety of reasons.  Services are used by people of all ages, many of whom struggle with addiction, are in poverty and/or are homeless. The mission strives not only to help these people, but to empower them to help themselves.

The Yoga Mala Foundation runs a free weekly yoga class at the mission every Monday night at 6:00pm. This class is open to the entire community and made possible by the donation-based classes at Naada Yoga.

Past Projects:

Residence Mile-End

mile-end-2Residence Le Mile-End is located in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, not far from Naada Yoga. The residence is a not-for-profit organization and community center dedicated to supporting low-income seniors. The Yoga Mala Foundation provided free weekly yoga classes at the residence.

Integration Jeunesse du Québec

jeunesseThe mission of Integration Jeunesse du Québec inc. is to support the integration of young unemployed adults by offering integrated services, focusing on both their needs and those of the labor market.

Jeunes Meres en Action

jeunes-meresJeunes Meres en Action’s mission is to offer services tailored to the needs of young low-income mothers living with single status, poverty, under-education, isolation and other related issues in order to improve their living conditions and those of their children. The non-profit organization develops and delivers a range of activities and services for young mothers including weekly yoga classes provided by the Yoga Mala Foundation.


maison-tcMaison Thérese-Casgrain is a halfway house for women located in the heart of Montreal. This community residential center offers support and guidance for women transitioning out of incarceration. The Yoga Mala Foundation provided weekly classes available to all residents of the house.