Applying For a Grant

So you’re interested in applying to the YMF for funding? You’re in the right place.

Mandate of YMF

The Yoga Mala Foundation is dedicated to provide an ongoing resource dedicated to supporting the development of yoga programs in communities in need. The YMF believes that yoga can be accessible to all people and can serve as a powerful tool in creating positive change.

Program Objectives

Canadian professional yoga teachers are consistently demonstrating excellence, originality and innovation in the enrichment of the health and happiness of their communities. The Yoga Mala Foundation aims at assisting such teachers by providing the support to inspire their work and enhance their skills through the establishment of influential teaching opportunities.

Program Description

This program offers opportunities to dedicated yoga teachers to develop a specialization as educators by establishing yoga programs that are personal to their professional background while assisting a community in need.  Key areas of focus for potential projects include (but are not limited to): Yoga programs for at-risk youth, low income families, seniors, palliative care, rehabilitation, battered women, as well as the establishment of community health programs and public education focusing on health awareness.

Applicant Eligibility

Yoga-educated and experienced applicants who are committed to developing a long-term yoga project where there is an identifiable need. The proposed project should be a new initiative that the applicant is willing to personally fund to an equal or higher level than the value of the YMF grant. This may include finding other outside sources of funding or investment. The full description should describe the ability to manage the requested grant amidst all project resources needed.
The Yoga Mala Foundation will not grant projects that promote one lineage or studio affiliation over others.

Collaborative projects

You can use this grant to work with another certified yoga teacher.  There can be only two teachers involved in collaborative development projects, and both must meet the program’s eligibility criteria.  Both teachers must create and sign a document to confirm their collaboration. If a grant is awarded, only the applicant identified in part A1 of the form will be responsible for the grant and will be subject to the Grant Terms and Conditions.

Project Eligibility

You can use these grants:
• for props required for a yoga program. (mats, blocks,
straps, chairs, bolsters)
• for teachers salary
• facility rental
• for promotional materials such as posters etc.

You cannot use these grants for:
• for transportation costs associated to the program
• for expenses that were incurred before the program

Grant Amount

Maximum available grant amounts will be posted on 3 months prior to the deadline and may change each fiscal year.  You must round your budget request to the nearest hundred. If your application is successful, you may possibly not be awarded the full amount that you request.

Other sources of funding

The YMF may share the funding of a project with other private or public donors or sources, but it will not fund a project that has already received full financial support. In Part C of the application form, you must provide information on other sources of funding that you have applied for, either from an institution or from other private or public sources.

Assessment of Applications

Assessment process

Peer evaluation is fundamental to the Yoga Mala Foundation decision-making process. Applications will be evaluated by a peer assessment committee, composed of experienced individuals who are recognized as professional teachers by their peers.
Committee members will also be selected with consideration to fair representation of yoga lineages, gender, generations, Canada’s two official languages, and the cultural and regional diversity of Montreal. New committees are formed for each grant deadline with one member of the YMF board of directors included to maintain consistency with each peer group.
All decisions of the peer assessment committee are final.

Assessment criteria

The Yoga Mala Foundation looks for:
• Is there an identifiable need and what is the impact made by the said project.
• How does this project assist the applicants career development.
• How logistic is the proposed project and will the applicant be able to successfully maintain the operations for the said period of time.
 The committee’s decision will be based on the general merit of each application, compared with that of all other eligible applications in this competition, and on the availability of funds.

Important Information for all Applicants

Acknowledgement of receipt

The Yoga Mala Foundation will send you by email, a notice acknowledging that your application has been received. This notice will be sent out shortly after your application has arrived. It should be noted that the acknowledgement of the receipt indicates that the application has been received; it does not confirm the eligibility of your application.

Response time

You will be informed of the competition results by email, approximately three months after the application deadline. The YMF does not release results by telephone.

Application preparation

You are responsible for providing all the information and support material requested to confirm your eligibility for the program. The YMF will make eligibility decisions based on the information provided in this application. It is important to inform the YMF of any changes to contact details. Submit only the material requested, and carefully choose the material you include. Extra material will not be shown to the peer assessment committee. Committee members have limited time in which to study each grant application. This ensures that all applications are assessed on an equal basis.

Format and layout

You may submit your application by mail to 5540 Casgrain Ave Montreal Qc H2T 1X2. All the documents requested and the application form must be submitted on separate sheets of white paper (letter format 8••• x 11 inches) printed on one side. These documents must not be bound, placed under plastic or stapled. Paper clips are acceptable, however.
Colour printing on coloured sheets or in an unusual format makes photocopying difficult; it is therefore preferable to avoid using them.

Personal Information

The Privacy Act gives individuals the right to access and request correction of personal information about themselves. The YMF will protect personal information as required by the Privacy Act.
The YMF may share information related to applications and awards with officials in other industry funding agencies, on a confidential basis, to assist with program planning and evaluation.

Grant Terms and Conditions

Tax status

YMF grants are taxable. T4A slips will be issued, at the appropriate time, for grants and awards paid to individuals. If you have any tax-related questions, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency or your provincial or territorial revenue department.

Changes to proposed projects or programs of work

If you cannot use part or all of the grant during the period stated in your application, for any reason, or if you decide not to carry out your proposed project or program of work, you must notify the YMF immediately. Any changes to funded projects or programs of work (for example, changes in the activity budget, to key personnel, or to the start or end date) must be approved by the YMF before you carry them out.

Acknowledgement of Yoga Mala Foundation support

You must acknowledge the support of the Yoga Mala Foundation in all promotional material associated with the grant. Details about the acknowledgement policy will be included with the grant notification letter.

Final report

You will be required to submit a final report on how you used the grant. This report must be submitted by the date identified in your grant notification letter.

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