1. Builds stamina.
  2.  Alleviates insomnia.
  3. Stabilizes nervous system.
  4. Strengthens the lungs.
  5. Supports endocrine function.
  6. Supports immune function.
  7. Brings relief from digestive and eliminatory problems, when practiced in conjunction with supported Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulderstand).

Primary Principles:

  1. Foundation: Push the forearms firmly into the floor so the weight is evenly distributed between the elbows, head and hands. Hug the muscles of the legs towards the bones so the lower body balances directly over the support if the upper body.
  2. Primary Movement: Extension in the shoulders and legs. Flexion in the elbows.
  3. Breath: Inhale to prepare the base. Exhale to take the weight onto the head. Inhale into the pose. Exhale to release from the pose.

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