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The family program at Naada Yoga provides you with a second home to step out of the busyness of life and cultivate presence of mind, heart and body with your developing family. Come in and try us out. Your first class is always free.



Enjoy one of Naada Yoga’s regular classes while specially trained teachers introduce yoga in a fun way to your little ones.

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Diverse Family Class Offerings

This program is dedicated to the well-being of pregnant mothers, couples, children and families. Our specially designed classes range from a calming prenatal yoga practice, to age-appropriate group classes for kids to practice with or without their parents, to family yoga where all members will spend healthy and happy quality time together.

Kids will have fun as they increase their body awareness, develop concentration and self-esteem in a non-competitive and nurturing atmosphere. Classes incorporate stories, songs, games and poses.

While your kids are enjoying these interactive specialized classes we invite you to enjoy a regular class at Naada Yoga and take time for yourself

Class Descriptions


For Mom/Dad & Baby

Prenatal or Pregnancy yoga – 90min

Prenatal yoga class provide a nurturing environment for women to foster health and wellness for both the mom and the baby inside. Through yoga postures, guided relaxation and breath awareness you will prepare the body and mind for the birth, and at the same time relieve the discomfort and stress associated with pregnancy.
At Naada Yoga Family you will find a safe and supportive environment to practice along with a welcoming community of women guided by a certified teacher.
These classes will leave you feeling strong, relaxed and more connected to yourself and your baby.
No Yoga experience is required and you can join the class when you are ready. We encourage you to modify any posture or to rest if you need to. Please consult your doctor or midwife.

Mom/Dad & baby yoga (postnatal) – 60min

Congratulations on your beautiful baby! We look forward to practicing yoga with you and your little one.
Postnatal yoga classes provide a welcoming environment for you to rebuild your strength and flexibility after many months of growing your baby, to bond with him or her and to connect with other moms.
We pay special attention to your little one by including him or her in some postures, by giving short baby massages or even singing. You will always be able take a pause to feed or soothe your baby. You will rejoin the practice whenever you’re ready.
Please come to class after having your doctor’s or midwife’s approval. The overall recommended time is 6 to 8 weeks after the delivery of your baby. If you had a caesarian section, it would be between 8 and 10 weeks.

Mom/Dad Yoga – 60min

This is a class dedicated to the adult who is home with the child and would like to keep up a personal yoga practice. It’s a baby/child friendly class. Moms to be are welcome too! Our hope is that your child will play in the room, copy some yoga postures and have a good time while parents get to practice.

For Kids

1 (walking) to 3 years old – 60min

This class can also be called yoga playgroup. We’ll play play play with your kids introducing yoga through games, songs, story time, toys and anything that will keep them engaged.
Teachers will work with parents actively in creating a safe and enjoyable environment to encourage kids to focus their minds and bodies through the use of yoga poses and relaxation techniques.
It’s an excellent opportunity for caregivers to bond with their little ones and practice presence of mind and body together.

2 to 5 years old – 60 min

This class is inspired for the preschoolers that are at home with their parents or that attend a part-time daycare. We’ll enhance their imagination with a fun blend of yoga poses, games and mindful activities that will leave your child feeling more relaxed and confident physically and emotionally.
This class runs at the same time as an adult regular yoga class to offer parents the opportunity to practice by themselves while we introduce yoga to your little ones.

4 to 6 years-olds – 60min

Yoga class for kids on this age-group encourages them to participate actively in co-creating the class. We mix yoga poses, friendship-building games and storytelling activities that will lead your kid to feel more confident to create and blossom. After a high energy fun class, kids will be happy to enjoy some slower activities to help them relax and improve focus and mindfulness through breath exercises or imagery. After the class kids will continue connecting with the teacher and classmates at the tea lounge as they wait for their parents to come out of their own yoga class.

Ages 7 to 9 – 60min

Kids at these ages are capable of anything and everything. They have all their motor skills developed so we can practice yoga more consciously. Poses are held a bit longer and we’ll practice more advanced ones as they love to be challenged. We’ll make sure to start from where they are and take them further step by step.
In this class we’ll keep the fun as we start doing more breathing exercises to foster mindfulness into their lives. After the class kids will continue connecting with the teacher and classmates at the tea lounge as they wait for their parents to come out of their own yoga class.

Ages 5 to 10 – 60min (Sundays)

This yoga class consists of exploring the movement of your kid’s bodies through partner work, trust exercises, creative yoga poses and games.
While your little yogis prepare themselves with skills for a healthier life you can too and simultaneously take your own yoga class without their disruption.

Pre – Teens & Teens (ages 10-15) – 60min

This class is fun and super cool. Good music and great relaxation exercises will help you find inner peace after practicing energizing sequences in a friendly environment. Through yoga we’ll boost your self–esteem and confidence by inviting awareness of yourself and others. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover more about yourself through inspiring classes designed specially for you. After the class kids will continue connecting with the teacher and classmates at the tea lounge as they wait for their parents to come out of their own yoga class.

Family Yoga (2 years old and up)– 60min

This class is for the whole family to enjoy the benefits of yoga while having fun by practicing together. So, everybody is welcome!
Family needs time and care to work and grow healthily. Yoga is perfect for this. We encourage the use of play to strengthen the bonds between the parent/child interaction. Family Yoga combines elements of an adult yoga class such as yoga poses, meditation and breath awareness through partner poses.

Certified Family Yoga Instructors

Our dedicated teachers have worked closely together to develop a program that strengthens family bonding through the practice of yoga. Aside from their specialized education in yoga for children, and pre and post natal, they are parents themselves who understand the connection yoga can bring to all members of the family.

Jenny Berthiaume

Jenny BerthiaumeJenny Berthiaume Posture

It was after her second child, and a postpartum depression diagnosis that Jenny turned her back on her thriving journalism career and started training to be a yoga teacher. It was yoga that got her out of her most difficult times. Witnessing firsthand yoga’s ability to heal and transform.

Jenny is a certified yoga therapist, yoga teacher, doula and birth educator with 500hr+ Yoga Alliance training. Despite all this training, her biggest teachers are her two young children.

Jenny brings a therapeutic approach to the various styles of yoga she teaches– from Yin to dynamic flow. While she works with a variety of populations, her passion is helping new and expectant moms connect with their breath, body and baby.

Jenny offers private and semi private yoga therapy for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum issues including PPD and diastasis recti. She also teaches regular Yoga for Birth Couples’ Workshops, prenatal classes with Rock the Cradle and teacher trainings for prenatal, postnatal and Children’s yoga with Little Lotus Yoga.

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Marielle Bertin


Marielle is a certified Hatha yoga teacher inspired by the Ashtanga style of the AYM studio in Montreal. A dynamique approach focussed on the balance between effort of movement and personal potential. This training introduced her to the discipline of daily practice and was the start of a relationship that has lasted for over 15 years. For her yoga is the optimal challenge of everyday living. Exploring the tensions between effort and ease, comfort and discomfort and the sense of self within turbulance. Simplicity and movement. With a background in Massage Therapy, Horticulture and Garden Design she is currently completing the Professional Yoga Therapist Program at Naadayoga.

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Alba Gil

Alba Gil PortraitAlba Gil Posture

Alba was born and raised in Mexico City. She made Montreal her home more than six years ago. Alba has been working in film and television for more than twelve years and it was this industry that allowed her to discover yoga as a remedy to the fast-paced and stressful atmosphere that reign on sets.

Her biggest teacher has been Sebastian, her son. He is her yoga, her everyday practice. Since his birth, Alba’s vision has evolved into a need to share and connect with other families. She strongly believes that it takes a village to raise a child and this idea of creating a yoga family community is what has inspired her to design a yoga family program.

Alba has worked with kids throughout her life in diverse informal and relaxed environments. She has a very playful approach that makes kids follow her almost immediately. She enjoys to have fun with the little ones and it’s her absolute love to share yoga and mindfulness with them.

Alba is a graduate from Naada Yoga 500-hour Teacher Training and a Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher. She teaches in English, French and Spanish.

Upcoming Class Schedule

Family Class Fees

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Single Class - $20

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5 Classes-$80
10 Classes-$150
20 Classes-$250

* All cards are non-transferrable and have no expiration date.

*Naada Yoga members receive a 20% discount.