Far-Infrared Sauna


Naada Yoga is equipped with an infrared sauna which is available free to all of our students.  This medical grade far-infrared sauna is ideal for detoxification. It is comprised of EMF safe solid ceramic heaters, non-allergenic Basswood, finished in Canadian beeswax, and built to exact standards of a toxin-free environment.


Three  Studios


Naada Yoga has three studios to best support a diverse schedule. Two of the three studios are equipped with Yoga Walls which enable specialized props such as pelvic swings and straps to lock into the wall while supporting students in postures. All three studios utilizes a surround sound system with a specifically made sound installation that promotes a focussed class experience.

Yoga Props


Every studio is fully equipped with yoga props for every student.  There are enough props to provide two blocks, a strap, bolster, and blanket for every student in a class at full capacity.

Showers and Towel Service


Naada Yoga has private showers with towel service available.



There are 4 bathrooms, 8 change rooms, and lockers available for rent.  Naada Yoga provides filtered water and glassware for all students.